Welcome to the Law Office of Lori Crystal, L.L.C.

The Law Office of Lori Crystal, L.L.C. is located in Castle Rock, Colorado-the county seat of Douglas County (30 miles south of Denver; 30 miles north of Colorado Springs). We handle divorce and criminal offense cases. The following are a few of our guiding principles:

Clients need personal attention.
Clients need to get a real voice when they call an attorney’s office. They need their calls returned promptly, and they need to have access to an attorney when they, the clients, have time. Because we are aware of our clients’ needs, we provide this personal attention. We accommodate our clients’ schedules and do evening and weekend conferences so they don’t have to miss work.

No one attorney is the right fit for everybody.
It’s very important for clients to have a good rapport with their attorney. Attorneys can’t be picked without the client sitting down with them, looking them in the eye, and knowing that they feel comfortable with the person representing them. We encourage our potential clients to sit down and get to know us, and our strengths, before deciding who can best represent them and their needs.

Your money is important to you.
The money you spend on attorneys usually comes from your family budget. When you pay out money you’d rather be spending on something else, you want to know you’re getting high quality representation and value for your money. At the Law Office of Lori Crystal, we appreciate your financial concerns and provide you with years of experience, professional judgment, and the ability to resolve the case based on what’s important to you. Efficient, effective resolution is often less expensive in the long run, rather than trying to correct oversights later.

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    Criminal Defense